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Our members have played an important role at pro familia from the very beginning. To this day, it is our substantial membership base that gives weight to our voice – federally, but in Hamburg as well.

In addition, membership fees are a financial mainstay of our work. They make it possible for us, for example, to dedicate more time to people in difficult circumstances and to offer continuing training and consultation sessions for disseminators. Without membership fees, we would not be able to offer many of our services at the quality or to the extent we do.

The pro familia Magazine

The pro familia Magazine is the Association's professional and lobbying magazine. In four annual issues, we keep our readers up to date on the topics of sexuality, relationships, the desire for children, pregnancy, contraception, and sex education.

We would like to invite you to become a subscriber and get the opportunity to follow scientific debates and learn more about pro familia's current projects and position on current issues.

The cost of a one-year subscription is € 19.50, shipping included (€ 21.50 abroad).

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