Child and Youth Sexuality

Sex education is an important part of personality development. We support children and youth as well as their adult caregivers.

Sexual education programs enable children, youth and adults to engage with the topics of love, relationships, sexuality, sexual diversity, sexual health, and their own boundaries. All our services and resources are informed by a positive attitude towards sexuality and advocate the right to self-determined sexuality.

Group Information Session

Youth Group

Many teenagers feel the need to talk about sex, love, and the body. We are available to answer all questions that may come up and to talk about all topics that preoccupy teenagers. We offer sessions for school groups, non-school-related youth groups, and youth from refugee facilities.

Evening Meeting for Parents

We offer an evening meeting for parents at your own facility that will provide valuable information as well as ample opportunity for questions and discussion. We conduct information sessions in day care facilities and schools about the psychosexual development of children and teenagers as well as about key topics such as: changes during puberty, sexuality-related Internet experiences, and gender development and gender roles.

Continuing Training


Sex education in biology class? Sure! Learning about sexuality in math and history class? Why not? We can show you and your team how to tackle these topics!

You are planning a project week program on "love, sex, the body, becoming an adult"? We will provide you and your team with the tools and resources you need to make it a success. We will also provide a practice-oriented introduction to various sex education methods.

Day Care Facilities

Do we let the children play naked in our daycare? Which terms for penis and vagina do we use in front of the children? Should the kids be supervised in the cuddly corner? Is playing doctor allowed at the daycare? Sex education is part of the City of Hamburg's educational recommendations for day care facilities and should be part of every day care facility's concept. Regardless of whether you and your team are dealing with these issues for the first time or looking to broaden your concept: we offer support and guidance.

Non-School-Related Facilities

What is allowed in your facility? What isn't? How can we make sex education and our daily interactions work well? We are here to support you and your team in dealing with the issues and questions that are relevant for your facility. Our training sessions and courses will introduce you and your team to current sex education methods and give you the opportunity to review your own experiences and work together on a common approach to sex education.


Individual Counseling

We provide advice and counseling for children and youth as well as for parents and other adult caregivers.We are bound to confidentiality, and your issues and concerns will remain private. You can come to us with any questions you may have about sexuality, love, and puberty. All our counseling services for children and youth are free of charge.

Consultation Sessions for Educators

You will be teaching sex education again after a long break and would like to get current on new methods? You are dealing with a sexuality-related issue in your facility? The youth you work with are trying to provoke with their sexualized language? Our consultation sessions provide a low-threshold format in which to discuss your questions. You are welcome to come for a session with up to three people – we are here for you!

Advice Sessions for Youth

Many youth find accessing an information center too daunting. This is why we take our youth advice sessions to schools and other facilities as well.

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