Our Philosophy and Structure

„A right is not a right if it is not known.“

Dr. Frederick Sai, former president of the IPPF (International Planned Parenthood Federation)

With us, your rights come first. As a human being, you have certain sexual and reproductive rights as well as the right to life, equality, a private sphere, information and education, health care, freedom of thought, and protection from abuse, violence and exploitation. And as a client of pro familia, you have certain rights as well, such as the right to confidentiality and to access to services and information.



Our Core Principles


Under the Act on Pregnancies in Conflict Situations, pro familia has the legal mandate to provide information and counseling and sexual education. All our services are rooted in human rights, Germany's Basic Law, and the General Equal Treatment Act. These guarantee a self-determined life in the areas of sexuality and relationships, with the attendant obligation to not harm others through one's own conduct.

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Self-determined Sexuality

We respect the right of all people to sexual self-determination, which expresses itself in a diverse range of lifestyles. In our work, we at pro familia recognize and respect sexual diversity and difference. Our work is guided by the core values of respect, appreciation, equality, tolerance and care.

For more, see:

BZgA: Rahmenkonzept zur Sexualaufklärung www.bzga.de

WHO-Standards für die Sexualaufklärung in Europa www.publikationen.sexualaufklaerung.de


Our work turns on trusting relationships between people. We protect our clients, especially the children and youth entrusted to us, from violation of physical, psychological, sexual and emotional boundaries. All staff at pro familia bring an attitude of appreciation and respect for boundaries to their work.

The pro familia Federal Association

pro familia is a politically and denominationally independent professional association that was founded in Kassel in 1952 and offers its services to all women, men, youth and children. pro familia has been the leading professional, service, and advocacy association for sexuality, relationships and family planning in Germany for many years. The pro familia Federal Association is comprised of 16 regional associations which coincide geographically with the 16 German states. Its state, municipal and district branches are organized as associations with a fee-paying membership and maintain about 180 information centers and three medical centers.

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All services we offer combine the topics of health, sexuality and human rights. Our rights-based approach is based on the Charter of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, which was drafted by our international umbrella organization, the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF).

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