Pregnancy and Parenthood

The beginning or even the planning of a pregnancy brings up a lot of questions accompanied by intense emotions that can be joyful sad, fearful, or - very often - ambivalent. Whatever your feelings are, you can contact one of our information centers. Our professional and empathetic staff will help you resolve your questions.


Conflicted Pregnancy and § 219

Mandatory Counseling Prior to an Abortion

You have decided to terminate your pregnancy. You can talk to one of our counselors about your situation and discuss the questions you may have. We will issue you the legally required confirmation of counseling. Detailed information booklets in German and other languages are available at

Decision-Making Conflicts over an Unplanned Pregnancy

You are facing an unplanned pregnancy and are not sure what to do? You can talk about your questions, wishes and worries with us. We will help you come to informed decisions that are right for you.

Confidential Birth

You are pregnant and do not want anybody to know? We provide anonymous and confidential counseling on how you can have your baby safely and under medical supervision and give your child to a good home if you so choose. Further information at

Crises during Pregnancy

Crisis Pregnancy Counseling

You have decided to continue your pregnancy, but your life situation is difficult? We are available to help and support you in resolving the many questions you face.

Relationship Problems during Pregnancy or after Birth

Becoming a parent is a radically life-changing process. Some relationships go through a difficult time during this period. We are here to help you make this time a positive experience.

Crisis Following a Termination, Miscarriage or Stillbirth

An experience like this can be overwhelming. We are available to help you come to terms with what you are going through.

Prenatal Tests

Information on prenatal screening tests

We provide advice to parents-to-be who are undecided about whether or not to have prenatal screening. We offer information on the various procedures and their reliability as well as on the limitations and potential risks of the different prenatal screening methods. We will help you come to an informed decision.

Decision-Making Support and Counseling Following an Atypical Prenatal Test Result

We provide advice and support for parents-to-be who find themselves faced with a worrying test result. We can help you find your way through this shocking experience, come to a decision and follow through with it.

Support During a Pregnancy With an Abnormal Prenatal Diagnosis

We provide support to parents-to-be who have decided to continue with the pregnancy knowing that their child will have a physical or mental disability. We provide space for you to talk about your questions, doubts and fears. We can also put you in touch with other organizations.;

Support through and following a Late Termination

We provide support to parents who have decided to have a late-term abortion because they feel unable to cope with their child's diagnosis. We provide counseling both before and after the termination and are here for you with ongoing support – if you wish, up to a subsequent pregnancy.

Social Law Issues around Pregnancy and Parenthood

With pregnancy come many questions about how to organize your life financially and otherwise in the time before and after the birth of your child. We provide information on - among other topics - your employment law rights, the kinds of financial support that are available before and after the birth, parental leave options, and child custody and support issues.

Group Session

I'm Going to be a Mother! I'm Going to be a Father!

Every last Monday of the month at 7:00 p.m. (with the exception of July and December), we offer a group information session for parents-to-be on social and legal questions around pregnancy and birth, such as: how is the amount of parental leave benefits calculated? How do I get child benefits? What will happen to my apprenticeship or employment position? Which government office do I have to go to, and when? What do I need to consider if I do not have a spouse or partner? How do I get a day care voucher (Kita-Gutschein)?

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