Sexuality, Relationships and Family Planning

These are topics that almost everybody engages with, regardless of their age and physical and psychological disposition. We offer psychological and medical counseling if you have questions or need information. For further information on psychotherapy services, please visit and

Advice and Counseling

Relationship Problems

Communication: Talking, Arguing, Looking for Solutions

Being in a relationship entails having different needs and meeting the challenges of everyday life and life changes together. We help you get the conversation started, understand conflicts that may have arisen, and develop and explore possible ways to create change.

Sexual Problems

Our sexuality - both individually and in a relationship - is shaped by our different physical, psychological and sexual experiences as well as by our current life situation. This means that the two partners' perception, expectations and desires differ as well.

If you have questions, problems or uncertainties around these issues, we are here to help. You can come see us alone or with your partner.

The Desire for Children

Involuntary Childlessness

When the desire to have a child remains unfulfilled, many questions and fears arise and many decisions have to be faced. We are here to offer counseling and advice – regardless of whether you are looking for one-time information on treatment options or for ongoing support through fertility treatment and the topics that come up in the process (e.g., sexuality and relationship issues), or whether you need help with the process of coming to terms with not having children. More information at:

Same-Sex Couples Wanting to Have Children

You are a same-sex couple looking for advice and counseling on your unfulfilled wish for a child? Contact us! We offer information and support on all questions and issues around this situation.

Ambivalence in the Desire for Children

The wish to have a child is not always clear-cut and unambivalent. There may be contradictory thoughts, emotions and perspectives, both within one person and within the relationship. In this situation, we offer competent counseling and ongoing support as well as help in coming to a decision that is right for you.

Women's Health

Gynaecological Exam

We offer gynaecological exams. We will explain the procedure to you, take the time to answer your questions, and make a second appointment if you would rather just have a consultation the first time around. For more information, please go to:

Early Cancer Screening

As part of the gynaecological exam, we offer an early cancer screening exam that consists of a Pap smear and a breast palpation exam.

Sexually Transmitted Infections

We answer your questions about sexually transmitted infections, various aspects of prevention, and examination and treatment options.

Counseling before Sterilization

We offer information and advice to women and men who are thinking of sterilization after they have finished their family planning. We provide you with information on medical issues, and you can talk to us about emotional, sexual, and relationship issues that may come up in the decision-making process.


We offer advice around the changes you are experiencing in your body and the significance of this period in your life for yourself and your relationship. We provide information on how to deal with and possibly treat various symptoms you may experience and offer support as you move into this new stage of life.

Questions about Contraception

Advice on Contraception

You want to experience love, lust and physical intimacy with your partner without fear of an unwanted pregnancy? We offer professional medical advice on contraception and family planning. We will help you come to a confident decision about which contraceptive method works best for you in your particular situation.

Diaphragm Fitting

You are interested in the diaphragm as a non-hormonal contraceptive method? Feel free to get in touch with us. We provide information on the barrier method, fit you with the right size diaphragm, and show you how to use it.

The Morning-After Pill

You have forgotten to take your pill, or a condom has broken? You are not sure whether you should take the morning-after pill to prevent pregnancy? Feel free to contact us. We provide information on the menstrual cycle and give you an assessment of whether you may have had intercourse on a fertile day. We also provide information on the different types of morning-after pill that are available over the counter in pharmacies and on the possibility of having an IUD inserted as emergency contraception.

Women with a Physical or Mental Disability

Sexual Medicine Services

You are looking for an advice session on topics of sexual medicine for yourself or for women or men with a physical impairment or a learning disability? We offer information and advice on sexuality, contraception, the desire for children, pregnancy, and pregnancy termination. We provide suitable models and information material in easy language, and our counselors are highly skilled and take their time. We also offer information sessions for parents and caregivers.

This service is also offered externally at the MZEB (Medical Center for Adults with Disabilities) at the Protestant Hospital Alsterdorf.

Gynaecological Examinations

You are interested in a gynaecological cancer screening exam, including a Pap smear and a breast palpation exam, for yourself or for a woman with a physical or learning disability? We have experienced female doctors on staff who will take their time.

Group Information Session

Women's Health Topics

You are looking for information, discussion or dialogue on women's health issues? We offer information sessions conducted by knowledgeable and pedagogically skilled staff on a large variety of subjects, either at your own facility or in one of our meeting rooms. Possible topics include the wish for a child, prenatal screening and diagnostics, breast self-examination, the female body and menstrual cycle, menopause … Just get in touch!

Questions about Contraception

You are interested in a group information session on issues around contraception? We provide information on all aspects of contraception – impartial, up to date, and individually and didactically tailored to your needs (e.g. in easy language and using simple demonstration material).

Sexuality and Relationship Issues

You would like to discuss aspects of sexuality, relationships and parenthood in your group or facility? Talk to us! We are happy to come to you, provide you with information and materials, and facilitate the discussion if requested.

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